Jasmine Jung,  in Kirkland, Windermere

Jasmine Jung



Windermere Real Estate/Central Inc
1302 Market Street

Kirkland, WA 98033

Meet Jasmine

Goal-oriented and driven, Jasmine's endless passion for learning always pushed her to go beyond her limits and tackle challenges. She was born in Busan, South Korea and immigrated to California at the age of 2. At a young age, Jasmine received strong academic training in California’s top rigorous schools and moved to Bellevue, WA at the age of 13. She graduated from Interlake High School in Bellevue and received her BA at the University of Washington – Seattle Campus.  

As a college student, Jasmine's strong academic skills and passion for literature led her to coach students in reading, writing, and math as a Private Instructor. Since freshman year of college, she established academic planners for each student, increased her client list to 20+ student while attending UW full-time, and created a strong Reading & Writing curriculum targeting critical thinking skills and essay structure. Jasmine's individualized academic sessions helped students exceed requirements and receive admissions to rigorous private schools and colleges: Lakeside, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Vanderbilt, Brown University, and more. Helping students grow while building a special relationship with each student was the best part of this side job.  

After graduating college, Jasmine began her journey training under an experienced CPA Manager in the Finance Department. With 3 years of experience assisting and fulfilling organizational requirements, she transitioned into an Investment and International Export Company where she was given the opportunity to establish strong relationships with multiple shipping lines, customers, and suppliers. Jasmine's strong intrapersonal and effective communication skills led her to reach a management position in both the investment and export part of the company.  

Her never-ending passion of teaching and educating clients led Jasmine to transition into Real Estate. She finds great joy and value in building strong relationships with various clients, skilled agents, lenders, and general contractors while growing together in the thriving Real Estate industry. 

With her diverse experiences, Jasmine learned to truly value honesty, integrity, trust, hard work, and communication. Her goal is to always ensure the best customer service and strive to provide her best assistance to all her clients.