Posted February 19 2015, 1:49 PM PST by Shelley Rossi

Your Favorite Space Could Win You $500 From

Posted in Windermere Premier by Shelley Rossi

Last week we launched our #OdeToMyAbode photo contest and the pics of people’s favorite rooms and spaces are really quite inspiring. There’s still time for you to post a photo of your favorite space for a chance to win $500 in home improvement services from Just go here, or post it to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #OdeToMyAbode, by Friday, February 27.

Prefer to just look? For the voyeur in all of us, go here to peruse the photos we’ve collected so far and vote for your favorites. The pic with the most votes wins! In the meantime, we thought we’d provide motivation from some of our favorite luxury listings on These rooms really take #OdeToMyAbode to a whole new level.


A grand entrance

Talk about a great first impression; check out the wallpaper in this glorious entryway. We’re halfway expecting Rita Hayworth to come sauntering down those stairs in kitten heels and a fur stole.


We are family

This photo proves that family rooms can be both functional and fabulous. And a pop of orange never hurt anyone. That table at the back of the room could seat a small army (of children).


A room with a view

An incredible, jaw-dropping view from the famous Escala building in downtown Seattle. We could host dinner parties in this space all week long and twice on Sunday. #PagingMrGrey


Grab your hot stones and a robe

Marble counters? Soothing color palette? Cool rectangle-shaped bathtub complete with candles? Check, check, and check. Really, what more could you ask for from a spa, I mean bathroom? In our opinion, this is total perfection.


The Home Theater (or is it Theatre?)

The key to the perfect home theater starts with super cush seating, larger-than-life surround sound, and a crystal clear, high-def TV – 3D perhaps? Top it all off with a snack bar that would do Han Solo proud.  


Outdoor Oasis

OK, ok, we can’t all live in Hawaii where this redonkulous photo was taken, but outdoor spaces come in all shapes, sizes, and weather patterns. Just ask anyone who lives in Seattle.


The center of the universe

It’s true what they say about kitchens. They’re where everyone wants to be. Doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny little studio kitchen or something more along the lines of this fabuleuse cuisine (as the French say). We love the marble/butcher block combo counters. And the built-in cookbook case adds a nice touch. Do we spy Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cuisine? Oui Madame.


So, these are some of our favorite things when it comes to cool rooms and spaces. What about you? You can still enter our #OdeToMyAbode contest by posting your photo here: You can also post it on Twitter or Instagram with the #OdeToMyAbode hashtag. Remember, the photo with the most votes gets $500 in services from

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