Posted February 8 2010, 1:28 AM PST by Katherine Garsi

What do Windermere agents talk about when they get together?

Posted in Windermere by Katherine Garsi


On Friday, February 5th, the largest gathering of Windermere associates took place at Benaroya Hall in Seattle to kick-off a new year. Over 2200 of us discussed a wide-range of topics from current market statistics to thoughts about what’s ahead in 2010.

After all the charts and graphs, there was one other important discussion about gratitude.



We talked about starting every day with appreciation and shared the things we were thankful for that morning:

  • Time spent enjoying the company of friends and family

  • A place to call home during these tough times

  • My dog Henry and being healthy enough to take him for long a walk/run every day

  • Indulging in simple pleasures – like coffee from my favorite café

  • Being asked by family and friends to help them attain the home of their dreams


What are you thankful for?





  • I agree Liz. The energy was really powerful.

    Posted April 28 2010, 7:16 AM by Katherine Garsi

  • That was a super great gathering. It's really helpful to get all of us under one huge roof and get an opportunity to refocus on why we love working with windermere. I'd like to see this type of interchange take place a couple of times a year. Thanks for making it possible. Liz Talley

    Posted April 27 2010, 5:14 AM by Liz Talley