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24th Annual Windermere Cup

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The 24th annual Windermere Cup is on the books. Each year, as part of the festivities surrounding the Opening Day of boating season, the University of Washington hosts crews from across the nation and around the world for this rowing competition.

If you've never seen a crew race, it's something special. From a distance, you marvel at the elegant precision of eight men or women precariously balanced on a sliver of carbon fiber called a shell. The shells glide over the water, powered by the crew pulling together on very long oars. From a distance, the progress seems effortless and almost robotic.


But as the shells come closer, you see the individual crew members working, and you realize how human they are. Their faces are etched with grimaces of near agony. Muscles strain. Sweat pours. Their precision seems impossible. It's clearly an intense struggle to keep up the pace and finish the race. After crossing the finish line, the athletes are completely spent, and they collapse over their oars.

Seconds later, the celebrating begins. You see these extraordinary athletes smile, laugh, fist-bump, and dig in an oar to splash a teammate. You are reminded that these are not super-robots after all. They are loose-limbed, college kids who simply love to row with their friends.


A crew race is a lot more than an athletic competition. It's a commitment to excellence, to being the very best you can be. It's not about fame or money. It is about the price and pride of achievement. It is about the joy of knowing you dedicated yourself and did all you could do to be the best you could be.

Reminds me of qualities important to our company. It’s why we’ll always be a part of this event!

Windermere Cup


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  • Good morning Geoff,
    You may not remember me, I am the 2009 Windermere Cup illustrator. We met briefly at the Athlete's dinner last year. How are you?

    I am having trouble finding the 2010 poster image. I'd love to see it, but I live in Eastern Washington. Do you know where I can see the image and/or get a copy?

    It was such a great experience. I understand Lynn Petersen has moved onto other things. I would love to participate again. Do you know the name of the the new marketing director?
    BTW, I love the new website/blog and the upgrade on the marketing logos, fonts and layouts. Nice, clean, informative. Have a great day! -Kary

    Posted June 23 2010, 12:52 AM by Kary Lee