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Joining together for our annual Community Service Day on June 18th

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The following post was written by Linda Casale, a real estate professional out of the Windermere Whidbey Island - Freeland office. You can find out more about Linda and explore her real estate and island living articles on her website and blog,

What makes a great real estate professional? At Windermere, it’s a person who can cheerfully sort huge piles of miscellaneous clothing in different sizes, price them and ready them for sale at a local thrift store. He is a person who can work all day in rain or hot sun in a big community garden without complaining. She is a person who can lift boxes, sort items, fill shelves, break down boxes, sweep the floor and all the time be having fun with other agents getting the work done.

Why does this make a great real estate professional? Because Windermere believes in the importance of community. You will find Windermere busy in communities throughout the West making a difference.

This Friday, June 18th Windermere agents will come together to work as a team for our annual Community Service Day.

We all know that hard times are easy to come by lately. Every year since 1984, Windermere associates dedicate a day of work to complete neighborhood improvement projects as part of Windermere's Community Service Day.

There are many people who make a community. Some do it more than others; some do it as a lifetime commitment through government, hospitals and schools. What is important is that we all find a way to make our communities richer and rewarding for all its members. I for one, as a part of Windermere, am proud that this company takes this commitment seriously, and changes the lives of both the givers and the receivers. Take a look in your neighborhood and you will see Windermere there making difference.

By Linda Casale