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Words for Windermere

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During the months of February and March, we asked Windermere Owners, Agents, and Facebook followers to share the words that come to mind when they think about Windermere. We were pleasantly surprised by the consistency across all three groups and decided to create a word map with the results.
Total responses from each group:
·         Owners – 33 responses
·         Agents – 103 responses
·         Facebook – 32 responses
Top words by audience:
·         Owners: professional, quality, integrity
·         Agents: professional, integrity, service
·         Facebook: quality, professional, integrity
Thank you to everyone who participated in this fun and interesting study. We always value and appreciate your feedback.

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  • Good to see that these 3 things are at the top of the list considering that these 3 things are most important to me when dealing with real estate.

    Posted April 10 2013, 8:13 AM by Bryan L