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Foundation Quarterly Report: Announcing the Building Better Communities Campaign

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Greetings from the Windermere Foundation,

Thanks to you and the wonderful support the Windermere Foundation has received so far this year, we disbursed nearly $350,000 to qualifying social service organizations dedicated to serving low-income and homeless families throughout the West.

Our amazing agents, brokers, staff and owners, along with public supporters, continue to contribute generously to the Foundation, making these disbursements possible.

I'd like to share a letter from one of our recipient organizations illustrating how your support is truly making a difference in the lives of those they serve:

Shoreline Public Schools

"Thank you so much for the grant for our 6th Grade Camp trip to Camp Orkila. We wish we could express the gratitude that the parents have when we tell them that we have scholarships to pay for camp. We always have kids tell us that they won't be able to go to camp because it is too expensive. And we always tell them that we will find a way to get them to camp. The Windermere Foundation has supported us and these kids for the past several years - and it makes such a difference!"

Building Better Communities, One Home Sale at a Time

Windermere Real Estate and the Windermere Foundation have launched the "Building Better Communities, One Home Sale at a Time" campaign to build consumer awareness of the Foundation and the good work our offices, brokers and agents do in their communities. Large-impact projects and events will be happening in several Windermere markets throughout the year including a park in Seattle, the renovation of the Trail Blazers Boys & Girls Club in Portland, five-acres of soccer fields in Hawaii and more.

We have more projects across the Windermere market in progress; we are excited to share these with you over the coming months. Learn more about projects happening across the network, sign up to volunteer, or donate to a specific project at

As always, thank you for your continuing support of the Windermere Foundation. Many low-income families are receiving basic necessities because of your commitment to helping others.


Christine Wood

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