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Windermere Foundation Quarterly Update

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Greetings from the Windermere Foundation,

Because of you and the fantastic support the Windermere Foundation has received so far this year, we disbursed over $268,000 to qualifying social service organizations dedicated to serving low-income and homeless families throughout the West.

Times are still tough for many and yet the amazing agents and staff at Windermere and our public supporters keep giving to others in our community. Gifts to the Foundation during the first quarter of 2010 are up 42% compared to this time last year! With 55% of Foundation revenue coming from over-and-above donations and 45% from transaction fee revenue, I’d say you’re generosity is creating a great start to the new year for many low-income and homeless families.

I’d like to share a few letters from the recipient organizations illustrating how that support can really make a difference in lives of those they serve.

Portland Public Schools

"We want to thank the Windermere Foundation for your wonderful donation to our ‘Backpack Friday’ project at Harrison Park School. It is so nice of your company to support our Backpack Friday project! We were so thrilled to receive your donation for our families. Those who organized the project really appreciate having such wonderful people in our community who help with the program here at Harrison Park School.

The program’s goal is to provide backpacks filled with food items such as peanut butter, bread, macaroni and cheese mixes, soup, etc. that any student may pick up and take home on Fridays to make sure that anyone who needs it will have access to food for the weekend. Harrison Park School provides free breakfast for all our students and free or reduced lunch for the majority of the students. Students depend on getting meals from the school and many go hungry on the weekends. The Backpack Friday project will help alleviate this problem.

So, I want to thank you for caring so much for our children. It is truly heartwarming to have members of our community support our efforts. Thank you so much for your tremendous generosity."

-Harrison Park School

Windermere Kids at the Y

"Thank you for your donation in support of the Windermere Kids at the Y program. This partnership has been such a boon to our program and we are grateful for the support of all the Windermere agents and employees.

During this time of economic hardship impacting the lives of so many of our neighbors, it has been more important than ever to have the valuable partnership with the Windermere Foundation. Because of your generosity we have been able to provide more scholarships for low-income families who can benefit from the Y’s after-school programs.

Typically, the families that need our programs the most are also the ones who need financial assistance to participate. Windermere Kids at the Y has allowed is to meet this critical need, providing safe and constructive programs for kids who otherwise would be left to their own devices.

Thank you again for the valuable partnership that makes our community a better place to live."

-YMCA Spokane

Events supporting the Windermere Foundation
The Coeur D’Alene office had a wine and chocolate Valentine’s Day party and raised $5,000 for the Windermere Foundation in just two short hours. Using some lights, candles and a few wine and food stations, they turned the whole lower level of the office into a romantic bistro. Everything for the party was donated by agents and title and bank representatives. One agent even brought their live band! They charged $5.00 at the door, which brought lost of guests in the door and bidding on auction items.

The Walla Walla office took over the Stardust Lanes for a bowl-a-thon and raised over $3,000. They invited their neighbors and had a great turnout. There were 55 bowlers: 28 from the public and 27 associated with Windermere. Sixteen sponsors also accommodated each lane.

Closing gift that gives back
Many of you have purchased a glassbaby as a thoughtful closing gift for clients and thanks to you, the Foundation has received nearly $600! Glassybaby is contributing 10% of your purchase to the Windermere Foundation when the Windermere promotional code is entered at checkout. The Windermere promotional code is: Windermere. A glassybaby is a colorful, hand-blown, glass cup, candleholder, or vase. Choose the perfect glasybaby at

We’re receiving some great videos!
I encourage everyone at Windermere to check with their office about plans to create a video for the 20th Anniversary of the Windermere Foundation. The five offices with the best videos will each receive $2,000 for their Windermere Foundation cause of choice. The deadline to submit a video is July 1, 2010 so there is still plenty of time and Community Service Day is a great opportunity to film your office getting involved in your community. Complete details at WORC > Resources > Foundation > Foundation 20th Anniversary.

Christine Wood

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  • That's great news! Ay! Just another reason to keep supporting the calendar program.

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