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Windermere Foundation Quarterly Report

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Happy 2012! While 2011 may be behind us, we have many stories to share with you about how your support of the Windermere Foundation translated into meaningful and necessary help for so many struggling families. Collectively, we raised an impressive $1,205,325! And for the twelfth consecutive year, over-and-above contributions have exceeded transaction fee income by a whopping 70 percent. Since 1989, over 23 million dollars has been raised, allowing us to help thousands of low-income and homeless families with the most basic of needs.

Here are some great examples:

Prescott, AZ
Adopt-A-Family Program

A big thank you to all of the offices in the Prescott, Arizona area that adopted families during the holiday season. With so many families struggling to provide food and gifts for their children during this time of year, your contributions are especially important.

Dear Windermere Foundation,

We want to express our appreciation for your generosity in support of our “Hungry Kids Program”. Your financial assistance means so much to children who have little or no food available to them.

You truly did a wonderful thing – thank you from all of us!

-Prescott Area Leadership/Hungry Kids Program

Seattle, WA
Madison Park Adopt-A-Family Story

This year, the agents at the Windermere Madison Park office chose two very different recipients to make their Christmases a little brighter.

One group included 18 mothers and their babies in the Goodwill Development Association in Central Seattle. Young women come to these homes as teenagers and receive support throughout their pregnancy. The women stay up to two years, while developing important life-skills in a supportive environment. Madison Park agents and staff purchased clothing, gift certificates, and lots of diapers for the moms and babies to make their Christmas extra special.

The Madison Park office also provided support to a family that included a father with three children who had lost their wife/mother to cancer in September 2011. The father, who speaks mainly Spanish, lost his job due to time-off while caring for his wife, and currently works as a day laborer at any job he can get. Hopefully this Christmas was a little brighter for this family.

Building Better Communities, One Home Sale at a Time
This year we pledged to do more to raise awareness about the amazing work each of our offices does through the Windermere Foundation. We implemented the Building Better Communities, One Home Sale at a Time campaign to help raise money and awareness for special projects in each market. Here are some of the projects we completed in 2011:

  • Agents from 40 greater Seattle offices worked with community members and Neighborhood House to build Bataan Park, a play ground that will serve more than 500 kids in High Point West Seattle.

  • Portland offices partnered with the Trailblazer’s Boys and Girls club in renovating space for afterschool and summer programs.

  • The Oregon Cronin & Caplan group completed a home and continued community development at Bridge Meadows, a multi-generational housing program for adoptive families of foster children.

  • Windermere offices in East Seattle/Bellevue raised funds for 15 college scholarships.

  • Spokane offices came together to clean-up and improve a county park to make it safer and more accessible for families in their area.

  • Offices in Maui hosted their first annual “Sharing, Shopping, Symphony” fundraiser to raise awareness about the Foundation and provide funds for local Foundation organizations.

  • Windermere offices in Waimea & Kona are working with the Humane Society to build an educational center that provides critical support to low-income and homeless youth.

Next year, we will continue with the Building Better Communities Campaign.


Thank you to all of the offices who held fundraisers to benefit the Windermere Foundation in 2011 – a year that had offices organizing more fundraisers than ever before!  I realize they are a lot of work, so please know your efforts are appreciated not only by the Foundation, but by the families and children who benefit from your hard work.

As always, thank you for your continuing support of the Windermere Foundation. Many low-income families are receiving basic necessities because of your commitment to helping others.


Christine Wood

Executive Director

Windermere Foundation