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Our New Blog!

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Be sure to subcribe to our NEW blog!  We are excited to have a new way to keep you updated on exciting Foundation events, news, photos, and stories.

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  • Aloha,

    Thanks for creating this new blog where we can see how Windermere is giving back to the community. Our Wailea, Maui office is busy all year long with charity events and giving back locally. Particularly through our food drives, gift drives, and by building houses through Habitat for Humanity, which is also green builder.

    Check out my EcoBlog to see what our office is doing to be ecofriendly, and help the community. Also learn about other eco-happenings and Green Real Estate in the state of Hawaii.

    Mahalo nui loa,

    Meghan Clair
    Realtor (S), EcoBroker

    Windermere Real Estate Wailea LLC Maui

    Posted December 03 2008, 4:27 AM by meghan

  • “Coats For Kids” – a Newswatch 12 TV campaign begun in Southern Oregon 20 years ago – is a huge undertaking: The community is encouraged to donate new and gently-used coats they no longer need, the warm comfort of which is then gifted to thousands of children from low-income families, who would otherwise endure a very chilly winter.

    For the fifth year in a row, Windermere Van Vleet (Medford & Ashland, Oregon) has been proud to champion this important cause, both with our volunteer muscle and thousands of our Windermere Foundation dollars.

    C4K is an intensive, eight-week project that begins mid September (when every school and Head Start in Jackson County is called to estimate the number of coats they’ll need for the current season), and culminates mid November, when the very last donated coat has been cleaned, sorted and distributed to children throughout our region.

    We may not have fully known just how much work would be involved when we offered to take over the coordination of the program, but we’ve embraced it wholly and have never looked back. In 2006, nearly 2,000 coats were distributed in Jackson County alone. The following year - as needs increased – Windermere Trail’s End and Windermere Investors Marketplace joined ranks with Van Vleet, and together in ’07 we collected, sorted & distributed better than 2,380.

    For 2008 – as Oregon’s economy woes loomed - requests for coats increased upwards of 40% (in some school districts three-fold!), and we began to have real concerns that we might not be able to meet the area’s needs. All 6 Jackson County Windermere offices stepped up to the plate, purchasing hundreds of new coats with their Windermere Foundation funds to donate to the cause, and gathering literally tons of donated coats from our generous community. Volunteer agents and staff then worked late into many evenings getting the cleaned coats as quickly as possible into the hands of the children who needed them.

    Thus far – counting all schools, Head Starts, community service pantries, seasonal workers associations, homeless shelters, and agencies / clinics / programs that service underprivileged children and their families, we have succeeded in distributing over 3,400 coats, with perhaps another 200 available to share with Josephine and Klamath counties out of our surplus. We’re exhausted, but very, very proud of our work.

    A very nice ‘Coats for Kids’ story from Jen at Helman Elementary, for everyone who volunteered their time, energy and resources: When one of the receiving children at their school was brought in and handed his coat, he saw that it still had sales tags on it. According to Jen, this child has lived in poverty for a very long time now - both of his parents having lost their jobs - and was awe that he was being given something that was brand new. He asked if he really could keep it, and wouldn’t let anyone cut the tags off. I’ve got to tell you, I got a little misty-eyed relating that story to John Zupan this afternoon. This, folks, is EXACTLY why we do this every year … thank you all, again, so very much! *s*

    Susanne Robertson
    Business Administrator
    Windermere Van Vleet
    Ashland & Medford, Oregon

    Posted November 20 2008, 11:09 AM by Susanne Robertson

  • Project Cool for Back to School 2008

    Every year since Project Cool began back in 1989 it seems as if we have to cross our fingers and toes and
    hope that we will again accomplish the goals we have set for ourselves. There are backpacks to be bought,
    supplies to be acquired, letters to be written, volunteers to be organized and, of course, money to be
    raised. This year, in addition, we wanted to make sure all of the children we served would receive a $30 gift
    card to Payless ShoeSource and a brand new dictionary. We had 38 agencies and 1,740 individual children
    ages four to 18 to serve.
    We had over 128 individuals and businesses volunteer their time to sort, organize, haul and count the
    supplies. These individuals and businesses, along with volunteers from the 38 agencies gave over 1,000
    hours of their time to make Project Cool happen this year. Over 20 different businesses, corporations
    and individuals committed to holding supply drives, with many of them holding more than one! This year
    we had person after person give Project Cool money ranging in amounts from $5 to $4,000 and EVERY
    SINGLE PENNY made a difference. For the fi rst time in the history of Project Cool we also received a
    grant of $25,000 from The Norcliff Foundation.
    We are proud to say that because of you and your commitment to this cause - all of the hard work, long
    hours, back breaking lifting, paper cutting, callous causing check writing, and spilled supplies rolling all
    over your car - we made it happen! We are so lucky to have all of you involved in and committed to Project
    Cool and, more importantly, to the homeless children of King County!

    Special contributions:
    Every gift to Project Cool helps put a smile on a child’s face, but our major contributors are especially vital
    to the ongoing success of this effort:

    The Windermere Foundation $27,250 this year and has raised $291,091 since 1989 for Payless
    ShoeSource gift cards as well as thousands of volunteer hours.

    United Way - Out of the Rain donated $4,000
    The Seattle Kiwanis Memorial Fund donated $4,000
    The Starbucks Coffee Company donated 86.75 volunteer hours that will result in company match donation of $868.
    Gear Athletics of Redmond provided us with backpacks at cost and covered the shipping expense. Smitty, the manager also donated his time to help unload the backpacks from the truck.
    Norcliffe Foundation grant of $25,000
    Laura Coy & friends donated over 2,000 individual items
    Seattle Times fund for the needy donated $17,635
    TeenLink/ Crisis Clinic donated $1,700

    As you can see, the Windermere Foundation has been an integral part of Project Cool since it's inception. Providing shoes, backpacks and school supplies helps these kids who are residing in homeless shelters and transitional housing return to school with a sense of dignity and pride.

    Thank you Windermere!

    Mary Ann Vandergriff
    Windermere Foundation Representative
    Windermere Fauntleroy, Inc.
    Seattle, WA

    Project Cool is a program of the Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness

    Posted November 20 2008, 4:15 AM by Mary Ann Vandergriff