Posted December 11 2012, 3:16 PM PST by Christine Wood

It Can Happen to Anybody

Posted in News from the Foundation by Christine Wood

When the Foundation was established in 1989, our focus was homeless families. We’ve since realized that keeping families in their homes has many obvious benefits, so most of our support is now directed to programs with goals of preventing families from becoming homeless. Most of the families we help are “working poor” – meaning they work hard, but easily fall behind if there is an illness or some unexpected expense. And without a safety net, many find themselves on the verge of becoming homeless.

Fortunately, the Windermere Foundation is able to fill this gap and be a cushion for these families. Last week, the Foundation disbursed $40,000 to nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping low-income families! With each disbursement, we’re helping stave off an eviction, providing backpacks filled with food for kids so they’re not hungry over the weekends and helping bring Christmas spirit to families who may go without. The list goes on… Point being, we ARE making a difference!

I’ve included a video below that I hope you all take the time (11 minutes) to watch. It is a compelling story, to say the least.

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Thank you all for your continuing support of the Windermere Foundation!