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Bryant Elementary receives $5,000 grant from Windermere Real Estate Company's Foundation fund

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Greetings from the Windermere Foundation,

The Windermere Real Estate Company, which is comprised of 6 Seattle offices (Green Lake, Lake Forest Park, Lakeview, Northgate, Sand Point & Wedgwood), recently donated $5,000 to Bryant Elementary’s Families In Need Fund. The goal for this fund is to provide students with a rich elementary school experience so they may feel a part of the school community and receive the “extras” that most students at Bryant enjoy.

Things like a Bryant t-shirt, year book, school pictures, camp supplies, socks, underwear and winter coats are all considered extras. In addition, this fund will also help provide grocery gift cards for families who are dependent upon the school breakfast and lunch program and cannot afford food during school breaks.

Bryant families are also given the opportunity to give directly to the Families In Need budget, which helps offset the costs of music programs, 5th grade camp, drama club and chess club, etc. - in an effort to allow its own community to support Bryant students who need the additional financial help.

Unfortunately, the need this year is far greater than anticipated and Bryant simply does not have the funds to cover some of the basics. This grant from the Windermere Foundation will help ensure students come to school feeling good about themselves and also have the basic needs of a hot breakfast and lunch during school breaks. Now that's important!

Christine Wood
Windermere Foundation

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