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2010, another amazing year

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WOW! What an amazing 2010 for the Foundation. Collectively, we raised $1,279,350.00! This is up 7% as compared to 2009.

Windermere Services Company helped several families who were referred to us by social workers from Children’s Hospital. I am sharing these families’ stories not to tear at your heartstrings (ok, maybe just a little), but rather make you feel good about the fact that you were part of the solution for these struggling families - who are not only very low-income but dealing with a sick child as well. Hard to imagine.

Following are a few of the requests we granted (I’ve changed the names to protect identities):

“Kevin is a patient from Moses Lake who is in respiratory failure and is on a ventilator in the intensive care unit. His parents have been trying to maintain their jobs at home and to care for their other children while driving back and forth to Seattle to visit as they can. The parents were specifically asked to come to the hospital yesterday, where the plan was to try and take Kevin off of the ventilator to see if he could breathe on his own.

After a traumatic day during which Kevin could not be weaned from the machine after all, the parents left the hospital to drive back to Moses Lake, only to have their car break down about a block away. They found a repair shop in the immediate vicinity that agreed to stay open late to make the necessary repairs; however, the parents did not have the money to get their car fixed.”

The request was for $403.50 and Windermere Services paid this bill for this family so they could get back home to Moses Lake and return to Seattle when needed.

“Timothy is a young boy who is being treated for adrenoleukodystrophy, bilateral pressure ulcers, diabetes and aspiration pneumonia. He needs a special, pressurized mattress to have on his bed at home so that the risk of him developing pressure ulcers (bed sores) is diminished in the future; however, his insurance will not pay for one. Because Timothy’s father is a youth minister, his salary is very limited, and the family cannot afford to buy the specialty mattress, either.”

The request was for $489.90 and Windermere Services purchased the specialty mattress for Timothy.

“Ben is a spunky 3 year-old with developmental and social delays who has the opportunity to attend full-day kindergarten next year. Ben’s physicians feel that the structure and extra therapies afforded by all-day kindergarten could make a pivotal difference in his development and increase his chance of being successful in successive school years. Thus, the groundwork available through this extra instruction could be a “make or break” for Ben, as one of his doctor’s describes it.

Unfortunately, the opportunity for all-day kindergarten also comes at a cost and while Ben’s young parents sincerely want the best for him, paying for the program is entirely beyond their means.”

The request was for $900 and Windermere Services paid the Kindergarten tuition for this young boy.

There were many requests similar to these and, happily, Windermere Services was able to help 12 very deserving families in 2010! Very cool.

If you’re interested in contributing to the Windermere Foundation, or you’d like to contribute please contact foundation (at) Windermere (dot) com.

What are some of the best success stories of your year? What are you looking forward to in 2011?

Thank you!  Here’s to a happy and prosperous 2011!


Christine Wood



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  • We can not put a price on being part of the WINDERMERE Famiy and the giving far and above, with no headlines or fan fare, we are always there for our family !

    A few years ago, our dear friend and associate Dale Wilcox ran out of insurance for his agressive Cancer. We all took over his business (100% going to Dale) and passed a hat at a sales meeting and raised $15,000 to pay of all his Chemo for the last month on earth with us.

    When MY wife died 9 years ago next week, 6 Windermere members offered to take over my business, costs and all from as far away as offices in Olympia at NO COST to me. .

    THAT is what is meant by the WINDERMERE family. . I have never seen such wonderful example's of Chrisitan Love and this real concern for each other so many other firms that starts at the VERY TOP. .. THAT is why we will always grow and share this concern which our clients and customers sense for them as well. .

    I just received an email a few minutes ago from one of my clients who was an agent at another office in Town telling me the same thing, that he will tell all his friends to buy only from me and Windermere.

    We are PROUD to be part of the WINDERMERE family.

    Posted January 13 2011, 1:05 PM by Jon Soine, CRS, SRES

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