Posted October 15 2010, 9:37 AM PDT by Tara Sharp

Windermere Agents have a “get it done attitude”

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In 2010 the Windermere Foundation sponsored a video contest, asking for video submissions showcasing the amazing organizations Windermere Foundation and Offices have the privilege to work with. We received 24 video submissions and selected five ‘winning’ videos in late September 2010. The Offices who submitted these videos have received a $2,000 donation to benefit their Foundation charity of choice. All the videos are too good to keep to ourselves, so over the next two months we will be sharing the videos created by Windermere Offices and highlight the great organizations they chose to work with.

In June 2010 agents from the Windermere Ballard office in Seattle responded to the need for volunteer labor to move the Ballard Food Bank to a new facility. Because of the volunteer work of many community members and groups, the Ballard Food Bank was able to upgrade and move locations at a third of the cost- preserving their financial resources to fulfill their mission and feed families and community members in need. The Windermere team helped to break down and remove debris of the storage shed at the old facility within a day.

The Ballard Food Bank is a tremendous asset to Ballard and surrounding communities serving more than 1,000 households each month with food, hygiene and financial emergency resources. In 2009 they provided more than a million pounds of food to community members.

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