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MultiCare's Tree House project receives over $4,000 from Tacoma Professional Partners

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Greetings from the Windermere Foundation,

 Professional Partners (Tacoma and Tacoma North) donated over $4,000 to MultiCare’s Tree House project – a project that fills a very important need. Imagine you had a child in the hospital, fighting for life, and while you of course would want to stay near your child, what if you lived far away?  And... what if you didn’t have a place to stay or sleep nor the resources to pay for such accommodations?

Tree House is MultiCare’s new family housing complex which offers 43 sleep rooms, most with two queen beds, private bathrooms, laundry facilities, a communal kitchen and dining room, and a playroom for parents to play with their other children.

“During one of the most traumatic times a family can face, family housing is a true gift that touches lives in a most meaningful way. Thank you for your ongoing support to ensure that Tree House continues to offer parents and families a nurturing, restful environment that lets them focus all of their energies on their beloved child.”        MultiCare’s Website

This $4,000 donation will be put to good use making sure families, who live out-of-area, have a place to stay - close to the hospital and close to their child. 


Christine Wood

Windermere Foundation

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  • This is a great program that is greatly appreciated from a parent who stayed with a child that was in the nicu ;)

    Posted June 15 2011, 5:31 AM by Pinagyrl81