More January 10, 2012

Windermere’s 40th Anniversary

Later this month, Windermere agents from throughout the Western U.S. will come together in Seattle for our annual Windermere Symposium. They’ll talk about important issues, share ideas, and learn about new products and services to help them better serve their clients. It’s a time for camaraderie, collaboration, and celebration. And this year, that celebration includes kicking off Windermere’s 40th anniversary.

In honor of this exciting milestone, we thought it would be fun to look back at how things have changed during the past 40 years. In 1972, real estate looked a lot different than it does today. Instead of websites there were Polaroids. Instead of email there were hand-written notes. Real estate deals were done on the back of cocktail napkins and sealed with a handshake. And when you wanted to look at homes, you did so while riding around in the back seat of your agent’s car. Here are some other things we found interesting when looking back at the last 40 years:

40yrs perspective

Much has changed since 1972, but one thing we’re proud to say has remained the same is our agents’ steadfast commitment to their clients and their communities. They carry on the tradition started by our dad in 1972 when he founded Windermere and built a business centered on community and mutual respect. For us, Windermere’s 40th anniversary is about honoring those humble beginnings, as well as our agents who are truly the ones who make this celebration possible.

Jacobi3OB Jacobi, Geoff Wood & Jill Jacobi Wood