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Windermere Seattle-Green Lake

Office Address:
Windermere Real Estate Midtown
7300 East Green Lake Drive North
Seattle, WA 98115
Phone: (206) 957-9441
Fax: (206) 957-9446
Email: greenlake@windermere.com
Website: seattle-green-lake.windermere.com

Name Title Email Direct Phone Website
Randy Anderson BROKER, REALTOR Email 206-271-2854 Website
Emily Barr Email 530-867-3379 Website
Leanne Becker Assistant to Evan Wyman Email 206-714-6117 Website
Bob Bennion Email 206-650-0458 Website
Harold Berry Email 206-377-9627
Brenda Biernat Email 206-297-7787 Website
Lesly Chapman LAA Email 206-328-7200
Kelly Chinn LAA Email 206-957-9441
M. Patrick Chinn Email 206-914-5350
Patrick Chinn OWNER/BROKER Email 206-914-5350 Website
Heidi Christiansen LAA Email 206-225-6417
Internet Coordinator Email 206-957-9441 Website
Mike Curry Email 206-276-3941 Website
Tyler Davis Jones Email 206-707-1701 Website
Vince Decker Email 206-962-1700 Website
Bob Deville Email 760-408-5349 Website
Danielle Devine Email 206-853-5198
Kristin Frosaker Managing Broker Email 206-755-7918 Website
Garret Grob Email 206-399-9600 Website
Mike Gusick Email 425-223-1518 Website
Samuel Harris Email 206-523-4663 Website
Joyce Hollenbeck Email 206-491-1007 Website
Nadav Klein Email 206-320-1400
Shannon Laskey Broker Email 206-851-9181 Website
Paul Lavrinec Email 206-321-0699
Amanda McGowen Marketing Coordinator Email  
B.J. Mellema Email 206-957-9441 Website
Kristin Munger Email 206-335-3491 Website
Christine Ogborn Email 206-328-7200
Anna Perry WKD RCPT Email 702-326-3679
April Rauch Managing Broker Email 206-940-8080 Website
Devereux Riddell LAA Email 206-328-7200
Eileen Rumpf BROKER, Internet Marketing Specialist Email 206-817-7800 Website
Reilly Schanno BROKER Email 206-931-5014 Website
Jamie Silbaugh Email 206-387-5737
Jason Smith Email 206-409-7394
Caroline Weil Email 2068227027
Evan Wyman Email 206-898-9111 Website
Tiffany Yurovsky Email 415-994-9958
Stacey Zorzi Assistant to Bob Bennion & Bob Deville Email 206-328-7200 Website