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Windermere Yarrow Bay

Office Address:
Windermere Real Estate/East, Inc.
3933 Lk Washington Blvd NE, Suite 100
Kirkland, WA 98033
Phone: (425) 822-5100
Fax: (425) 827-3400
Email: ybstaff@windermere.com
Website: yarrowbay.withwre.com/

Name Title Email Direct Phone Website
Skylar Agnew Email 206-335-9537 Website
Frank Anderson Email 425-531-1667
Bill Badgley Email 425-895-8833 Website
Jim Badgley AB, CRS, GRI Email 425-895-8833 Website
John Barker AB, CSP, MIRM Email 425-830-0241 Website
Dennus Baum BROKER Email 206-949-0116 Website
Yarrow Bay Email 425-822-5100 Website
Yarrow Bay Email 425-822-5100 Website
Brooks Beaupain ASP, CNE, GRI Email 206-778-4663 Website
Tabitha Beaupain UAA Email 206-779-4027
Keenan Bennett Email 206-883-4901 Website
Sharon Berry AB, CRS, SRES, ASP Email 206-669-0449 Website
Jess Beyers Email 206-686-5377 Website
Bryon Bosch Email 425-766-2196 Website
Natasha Bosch Email 425-766-8019 Website
Ron Branch Email 206-605-8811 Website
Jennifer Braun Email 206-949-3110
Daniel Breilh Email 425-753-2402 Website
Heidi Bright MS Email (425) 417-4716 Website
Steve Burk Email 425-260-3824 Website
Amy Cagle LAA Email (206) 423-2120 Website
Lynly Callaway Email 425-681-7838 Website
Brittnee Carey Email (425) 229-9260 Website
Marilyn Carroll Email (425) 444-6910 Website
Ann Carson Email 206-851-9562 Website
Scott Carson Email 206-579-1001 Website
Lauri Cass Email 206-949-7979
Lauri Cass Email (206) 949-7979 Website
Mike Chaffee Email 425-736-7335 Website
Keith Childress Email 206-390-9722 Website
Lynette Chu-Hirai Unlicensed Agent Assistant Email 425-466-6201
Cindy Coakley Email 425-802-2777 Website
Joe Coakley Email 206-979-0693 Website
Laura Polt & Colette Willingham Email 425-990-0210 Website
Diana Curneen LAA Email 425-883-1800
Erik Daley Email 425-941-7777
Tamara Dean Email 206-226-3326 Website
Michael DeDonato Email 425-890-3127
Amy Dedoyard AB Email 206-715-3043 Website
Patricia Deveny ABR, GRI, CRS Email (425) 681-0567 Website
Cheryl Eastwood CRS, GRI, ABR, ASP Email (206) 714-5522 Website
Cheryl Eastwood Email 2067145522
Rondi Egenes MB, GRI Email 206-953-1771 Website
Samir Elaraby Email 206-841-0482 Website
Trish Englund Email 206-941-4357 Website
Cara Erdman Email 206-919-2505 Website
Yarrowbay Fax Email 425-822-5100
Yarrowbay Files Email 425-822-5100
Leanne Finlay AB Email 206-310-1477 Website
Skeets Fletcher Email 425-922-2679 Website
MacKenzie Flynn Email 4252417817 Website
Jonathan Garber AB, CRS Email 206-354-5550 Website
Lydia Geline Email (206) 419-0775 Website
Brian Green LAA Email (425) 417-1322 Website
Kathryne Green Email 425-766-1315
Steve Green Email (425) 417-4944 Website
Charlie Hall CRB, CRS Email 425-765-6001 Website
Christopher Hall Email 425-260-0731 Website
Julie A. Hall, MBA CRS, ABR, Managing Broker, Waterfront Specialist Email 206-713-9228 Website
Joyce Hardy AB, WFT, PD Email 425-443-4699 Website
Beverly Harris COMM, MS Email 206-295-4444 Website
Ivana Hill RCPT Email 425-822-5100
Steve Hiller Email 206-947-7803 Website
Marion Holder Email 206-356-1877 Website
Andrea Holmqvist Email 206-227-5055
Steve Holton Email 425-681-1440 Website
Feng Hong Email 2065512142 Website
Laurie Hope Email 206-718-5900
Laurie Hope CRS, ASP, SRES Email 206-718-5900 Website
Nan Humble AB Email 425-451-0531 Website
Annie Hyatt Email 425-233-5833 Website
Paul Isenburg AB,CRS,ABR Email (206) 948-5885 Website
Stan Isenhath Email 206-618-6600 Website
Fara Jaberi Email 425-681-5471 Website
Michelle Jewell Email 206-200-5393
Maureen Kelly Email (206) 465-5550 Website
Nanci Kimble Email 206-920-4938
Renee Kimes CRS Email 206-817-6588 Website
Karishma Kiri ASP, CNE Email 425-802-5465 Website
Wendy Klinker Email 206-295-6504 Website
Julia Krill Email 206-406-9000
Julia Krill Email 206-406-9000 Website
Mark Krill Agent Email 206-406-9700 Website
Brit Kuhnke Email 206-715-9537 Website
Jodi LaBow LAA Email 425-444-4032
Dana Landry Email 425-736-8146 Website
Susan Lemaire AB Email 425-922-9223 Website
David Liddle Email 425-241-1308
Heidi Linsky Email 425-802-7643 Website
Carrie Lord Email 425-941-6020 Website
Kathy Magner SRES Email 206-605-8738 Website
Rachel Manning Email 425-822-5100 Website
Margo Mansfield Email (206) 276-8979 Website
Lew Mason MGR Email 206-930-2837 Website
Patricia Mason AB, CRS, ASP Email 206-276-5217 Website
Sarah McGrath ASP Email 206-484-1406 Website
Gary McLean GRI Email 425-765-8578 Website
Amir Medawar Email 425-641-2575
Jim Melgard Email 206-618-5319
Jim Merritt Email 206-660-1400
Erik Miller Email 425-633-6895
Tammy S. Miller Email 425-445-9078 Website
Allyson Mongan Email 4258225100 Website
Robin Myers SRES, CS Email 425-417-8137 Website
Pearl Nardella ABR Email 425-351-8761 Website
Bryan Nelson Email 206-769-8066 Website
Chelle Nelson MB, CRS,ASST MGR Email (206) 953-5927 Website
Chris Nelson Email 206-229-3804
Dawn Neu-Rupp Email 425-985-0291 Website
Denise Niles Email 425-301-1769 Website
Anna Novikoff CRS, ASP, Realtor Email 425.466.1324 Website
Anna Novikoff Email 425-466-1324 Website
Pat O'Grady Real Estate Consultant Email 425-466-7431 Website
Wendy Paisley Email (206) 650-5812 Website
Nick Pallis CNE, RELO, ABR, CFS Email 206-499-7000 Website
Jennifer Perkins-Johnson Email 206-930-4082
Kay Plimpton Email 206-953-9640
Laura Polt CRS, CNE, SRES Email 425-466-5509 Website
Vicki Powers CRS Email 425-941-6164 Website
Karen Prins Email 206-910-1172 Website
Nikki Provost Email 206-271-5071 Website
Lauren Pulfer Email 425-301-3366
Wolfgang Puls AB Email 425-444-2787
Sheri Putzke ASP Email 425-749-6703 Website
Randy Reeves NC, CR, RIS Email (206) 947-9979 Website
Stephanie Reeves LAA Email 425-503-8121 Website
Ky Reichle Email 206-953-0847 Website
Jeff J. Reynolds AB, CSSN Email 206-794-1118 Website
Anna Riley Email (425) 761-8836 Website
Erena Rombakh Email 206-235-8456 Website
Max Rombakh Email 206-227-0737 Website
Joy Roush Email 425-681-1382 Website
Emo Rowe Email 206-979-6093 Website
Team Sabrina UAA Email 425-633-6895
Lynn Sanborn Email 206-227-5966 Website
Carlene Sandstrom Email 206-910-3662 Website
Danielle Sanine Email 206-898-0749
Natalie Scharpenberg Email 360-510-8591
Jane Lindsay Scott Email 206-953-6630 Website
Joel Scott Email 206.979.7852 Website
Debra Sinick GRI, CRS Email (425) 260-3219 Website
Sabrina Smith Delery WFR Email 425-802-2409 Website
Yarrowbay Staff Email 425-822-5100
Hugh Stewart Email 425-445-7475
Amy Stonehocker Email 206-459-5272
Kalpana Suresh Email 773-612-9153
Roya Tabatabai Email 206-920-9991 Website
Lori Tanaka LAA Email 206-719-2839
Joseph Tarantola Email 2063704680
Susan Taylor Email 425-761-4670 Website
The Beaupain Team Email 206-778-4663 Website
Rayme Teders Email 425-829-8778 Website
Chip Tilley CRS ABR ASR ASP Email (206) 940-5604 Website
Marion Tilley Managing Broker, GRI, CRS, MCNE, CSSN Email 206-999-6788 Website
Dorothy Tropp OF MGR, IC Email 425-822-5100
Elizabeth Tuesley Email 206-724-6544
Lauren Valela UAA Email 206-940-5791
Ann Wahl Email 425-922-4312 Website
Dave Wahl CRS, AB Email (425) 503-4564 Website
Dave Wahl CRS, AB Email 425-503-4564 Website
Susan Ward-Yerebeck Email 425-651-2442 Website
Sarah Weinold Email 425-301-8030 Website
Pat Wenzel Email 206-650-6356
Pat Wenzel Email 206-650-6356 Website
Betsy Weyer Email 425-440-1480 Website
Britt Wibmer Broker Email 206.683.1737 Website
Jodi Williams Email 206-604-3354
Colette Willingham Email (425) 241-5821 Website
Lynn Winchester Email 206-919-3344
Kay Zatine ABR, CRS, SRES Email 206-954-4409 Website