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Windermere Real Estate/Northwest, Inc.

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Seattle, WA 98112

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Agent Referrals Tailored Just For You.

You are unique. Your goals, your needs, your situation, your personality. What if you could go to a trusted veteran of the Seattle real estate market, get sound, free advice, and ask him to hand-pick the top one or two agents in town that represented the best possible, tailored fit for you? Not necessarily the agent your friend liked, but the one that's just right for you. What if you got follow up calls from that veteran to make sure you were completely satisfied with the fit, and everything else about your real estate experience? Best of all, what if that service was completely free to you? Welcome to the Tailored Referrals program. In a nutshell, it's smart real estate advice whenever you need it, plus custom-tailored referrals to top agents whenever you want them. All at no charge to you, the client. Just pick up the phone or send me an email, and I'll be glad to answer your questions and help advise you on the best way to achieve your goals.

How Does It Work?

My mission is to guarantee everyone who contacts me the best service available in the market place for each individual. What's the process? 1) We talk. We have a phone consultation, paying particular attention to your stated needs, goals, desires, concerns and personality type. 2) I then use my 12 years of experience in the local brokerage community to tailor-match you to the best agent (skill set, area, price range & product specializations, personality type, work style, etc) for you and your unique situation. I vet the agents I have in mind before putting you in contact with them. If you want or need to interview more than one agent, we can even hand-select two or three, so you’ll have the best to choose from. 3) Finally, I follow up with you to make sure you feel like you got the right fit, and are having a great experience!

Why Would A Successful Agent Do This?

After 12 years as a strong member of the Seattle real estate scene, I had built hundreds of relationships with my clients and colleagues. When the opportunity arose to move overseas, I didn't want to just leave my clients to fend for themselves as they looked for new local agents to serve them--especially since so many had become friends. I had also observed over the years that no single agent is right for everyone, so I didn't like the idea of handing all my clients over to one agent. It was then I realized I was uniquely placed to custom match individual clients (or anyone else in Seattle), with just the right agent for them, on a case-by-case basis. Why? Because getting a deep, clear sense of people’s needs, goals and personality types has been a strong point of mine throughout my career, while my long experience and popularity within the brokerage community mean I know and have watched most of the top agents, their individual personalities and how they work. It's the perfect set-up for great match-making. How do I get paid? The agent who ultimately works with you, the client, will pay me a referral fee at the closing of your purchase or sale. Agents do this all the time, usually when they are receiving a client from a different geographical area. The referral fee does not impact you in any way, making the Smart Advice + Tailored Referrals program entirely free to you. In fact, receiving agents have not only been glad for the extra business, they find it's a pleasure and a relief working with people who are as good a fit for them and their skill set as they are for the client.

My Background: An Advocate for Clients

Within my first year in Seattle Real Estate over 12 years ago, 90% of my clients were coming from client referrals. Thank you letters from happy customers pointed to intelligence, skill at understanding people's unique needs, goals and personalities, and my unswerving commitment to placing their best interests before my own, as three of the lynch-pins of my success. Integrity, a calm negotiating style and strong property marketing skills earned me the admiration of colleagues in the brokerage community. I maintain contact with my clients and colleagues, and continue to follow the Seattle real estate market from my current home in London, UK.

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